These are the best spots to watch Thrissur pooram like a local

Thrissur pooram

Thrissur pooram is here once again and the city is swept up in carnival spirit. Magnificent awnings have been erected in every iconic corner of the mighty Swaraj Round and pyrotechnics experts are all set to light up the skies.

Festival fanatics from around the globe have descended to the central Kerala district to enjoy the pooram fervor. But amidst the sea of people, how are you going to get a good view of the festival? Here, Onmanorama lists out the best spots for pooram gazing. Drag the slider on the images below to see how the place transforms on the big day

Skylord complex offers a gallery view of Kudamattam

If you are fond the epic Kudamattam ritual, where a cabal of handlers exchange colorfully sequined parasols atop caparisoned elephants, Skylord Complex at South Nada is your place. Here, you get the perfect view of Kudamattam. This renovated skyscraper stands right in the center of Thrissur town, across Thekkinkandu lawns. An iconic place offering a comprehensive view of the whole city from balcony, there’s no better spot to watch Kudamattam than the eighth floor balcony of Skylord.

Climb atop Pathans to enjoy the pyrotechnic show by Paramekkavu

Pathans arouses nostalgia in the minds of Thrissurites. Once a humble motel famous for its large, crispy masala dosas, Pathans is now a huge 10-story hotel. Located in south Thrissur, just opposite to Thekkinkadu where Paramekkavu house installs their fireworks, Pathans terrace offers the best view of the beautiful pyrotechnic show.

Book your space at Brahmaswom Madom out-house before Madathil Varavu

One of the many religious rituals incorporated in Thrissur pooram, 'Madathil Varavu' is the ceremonial procession of Lord Vishnu, the presiding deity of Thiruvambady temple, also known as 'Thiruvamady Thevar,' to Brahmaswom Madom, the vedic educational institution at Marar Road and back to the temple. The deity is accompanied by panchavdyam, the traditional Kerala band comprising five classic instruments. The procession led by three caparisoned elephants starts from the west end of Pazhayanadakkavu Road.

As the event does not happen at one place alone, it is indeed difficult to get a full view of the sprawling procession. But the clever natives have formulated a way out. They rush to the outhouse of Brahmaswom Madom an hour prior to the event and mark their space. 

From this spot, one gets a wholesome view of the arrival of the pageant, the priest performing rituals for the deity, the special stand-still panchavadyam that follows and the return of the procession. It’s also an ideal spot to take photographs as it is an elevated structure that offers a good view.

CMS school terrace to watch Thiruvambady fireworks

No pooram lover would miss the fireworks show by Thiruvambady, which introduced Chinese pyrotechnics to Thrissur. With cracker bombs and high-decibel illumination rockets, Thiruvambady steals the fireworks show hands down every year. 

But unlike Paramekkavu, the fireworks’ display venue of Thiruvambady is very much close to the road and crowded by buildings and tall trees that block the view.

Indian Oil fuel station and CMS school at Naikkanal road has long been the favorite spots of pooram audience to watch the Thirvambady fireworks. But if the long limbs of trees disturb your view, climb atop the terrace of CMS school and have a better view.