Ranipuram: Kasaragod's very own Ooty

Ranipuram: Kasaragod's very own Ootty

Ranipuram is one of the most popular tourism centres in Kasaragod. Known as the Ootty of Kasaragod, Ranipuram is a dream come true for trekking enthusiasts.

We begin our trip from the DTPC Guest house Panathadi, which is 10kms away. Our route takes us through a forest for over five kilometers and then a steep climb of two kilometers to the top of Manimala. The trek is through a dense jungle. There are elephants in this forest. Wild boars, monkeys and deers have made these forests their home. If you are in luck, you will spot the wildlife as you walk by. And as the saying goes, we are letting these pictures do the talking.

Ranipuram: Kasaragod's very own Ootty
The rolling mist tries to hide you on this trek. Photo: Fahad Muneer.

It was around 12 in the noon when we reached the hills. The mist was gently rolling and we could barely see what was there in front of us.

Ranipuram: Kasaragod's very own Ootty
Beware of leeches as you walk through these greens. Photo: Fahad Muneer

As you walk from the DTPC guest house, you see the greens - in different hues.

Ranipuram: Kasaragod's very own Ootty
Looking out from the top of one of the rocks on the hill. Photo: Fahad Muneer

Ranipuram is almost near the border between Kerala and Karnataka. And from up under the skies, it seems near yet, so far.

The mist is pretty thick even after the sun comes up. This photo was taken at 10 am.

Ranipuram: Kasaragod's very own Ootty
There is some rare flora and fauna in these hills. Photo: Fahad Muneer

The gentle drizzle adds a natural charm to a whole different world out here on the top. It is green, lush green. And it is home for the rare medicinal plants and orchids. There are different kinds of butterflies that fly from one flower to another.

Ranipuram: Kasaragod's very own Ootty
A view of the village from the hills. Photo: Fahad Muneer

A view of the Paanathur village from the hills.

Ranipuram: Kasaragod's very own Ootty
The route takes you through verdant greens. Photo: Fahad Muneer.

If these pictures won't tempt you to consider travelling to Ranipuram, we guess nothing else will.