Chuttipara: Reliving Rama's days of exile

Chuttipara: Reliving Rama's days of exile

Chuttipara is one of the main landmarks of Pathanamthitta. And this clutter of hills, according to the locals, has a lot of Ramayana tales to tell. According to the legend, Rama and his entourage is supposed to have rested here during their many travels.

The idol at the Harihara Mahadeva temple here is believed to have been the one that Rama himself worshiped. The hills around Chuttipara - the Chelavirichapara, Kattadipara and Pulipara are linked with the Rama lore.

The best view of the Chelavirichapara can be had from Kattadipara. The story goes on that Sita used to put her dress for drying on Chelavirichapara, and hence the name. The Kattadipara is the most popular of the hills. The winds here do not whisper sweet nothings; they buffet you. The story is interesting too. The Kattadipara is where Hanuman, the son of Vayu is said to have rested. And many believe that this is why the presence of the wind god is felt here.

There is a small well near the Kattadipara. It is believed that Lord Rama and Sita used the water of this well for their use. There is a popular belief that Rama and Sita used to stay at Pulipara Guha and the rock shelf here was once, their bed.