Malappuram, where history and nature beckons

Malappuram, where history and nature beckons

Malappuram, a land where history lulls deep in the lap of nature, is bordered by Nilgiri hills on the east and the Arabian sea on the west. Spread over the undulating and verdant hills, the land is abound with lush greenery and pristine rivers. Even as the place promises mesmerizing views and experiences unique to Kerala, Malappuram harbours a legacy of rich cultural heritage of its and a scenic serenity, that is characteristic to the region alone. Here are five must visit places in the district.

Thunchan Parambu - the world of letters


Thunchathu Ramanujan Ehuthachan, the great poet who is venerated as the father of Malayalam language, was born here. The poet has authored the 'Adhyathmaramayanam Kilipattu', the Malayalam adaptation of the great epic the Ramayana. There is a museum sprawling in quietude and which preserves the belongings of the great poet and other relics. Read more

The land of the clan of 12

Nila river

Naranathu Bhranthan, is a name quite common in Kerala when it comes to myths and folk lores. The enigmatic folk character, his eleven brothers and his mother of a lower caste are all quite a known fable in the state. If we closely follow the trail of the legend we would land in the era of Gupta emperor Vikramaditya and how Vararuchi, of the courtiers of the emperor formed part of the saga of the 'clan of 12'. Here we're visiting the place where history has left an indelible mark on the banks of river Nila. Read more

Ponnani, the Mecca of Malabar

Ponnani mosque

If Malappuram is referred to as the 'Mecca of Malabar' Valiya Palli in Ponnani can be reverenced as the K'aba. The region is dotted with centuries-old mosques, which are graceful and beaming with religious fervour. The tomb of Carpenter Thangal, who is said to have had the vision of K'aba; Vilakkattirikkal, a holy ritual in memory of Carpenter Thangal; Cannoly Canal steeped in colonial history; Thrikkavu temple legendarily founded by Parasurama, all depict the cultural hues interspersed in the Dravidian state. Read more


Nilambur Teak Museum

Nilambur teak

For anyone who happens to visit Malappuram, Nilambur teak museum is a never-to-be-missed location. The much-hyped greenery and vegetation in Kerala reach a majestic charm here in the sprawling vistas of giant timbers. Set off to a ramble along the boulevards stretching just under a kilometer and explore various genus of Teak, bamboo, herbs and a variety of flora.Read more

Cheruppadimala: to get some adventure and be one with nature


If you are in Malappuram and have trekking on mind, just head for Cheruppadimala, a green hill drenched in mist. Tiny waterfalls and deep ponds make the spot a cool and mesmerising location. It is the best place to get detached from the rest of the world and relax watching the sunset. Read more