Kallar River, the temperamental one


Kallar River in Thiruvananthapuram district is an enchantress—she beckons with her placid, clear waters, calling out to you to join her on her innocent caper among the rocks. But Behind the facade of a peacefully flowing river dotted with lush greenery is fiendish unpredictability of a temptress who uses her beauty to annihilate.

Kallar River

She lures with her slow-flowing tresses that can change the next instance into a forceful gush that maims. Many unfortunate ones who trusted her calm demeanour slumber in her lap, never to come back.

The calm Kallar River waits for the rains somewhere in the mountains above to change shape to a gushing, frothing swathe of water that engulfs everything on its way. She needs only seconds to change shape, like the mystic ogre that can change shape in an instant. Those who come in between, need luck and providence on their sides to escape the passionate pull of Kallar.

Kallar River

It is perhaps a wonder of nature that makes Kallar so. Only when you see for yourself, can you believe that the clear placid waters have another vicious face. Try 'Dangerous Kallar River' on YouTube to see it for yourself.

Kallar River