Reasons why you should head out to Munnar now

Reasons why you should head out to Munnar now

Munnar is beautiful and one of the most popular destinations in Kerala. Thousands – both from India and abroad - visit this hill station every year. Here are some simple reasons why you should think of going to Munnar now. 

The weather

A cold mist envelops Munnar by mid-December. But this year, the mercury started dipping just a week ago. The temperatures have dipped below the zero degree mark and it just makes the hills look prettier.

PS: Make sure you carry your hoodies and sweaters as it gets pretty chilly in the evening.

The blooming Neelakurinji

Reasons why you should head out to Munnar now
The Neelakurinji in bloom. Photo: Praveen Elayi

Neelakurinji or the Strobilanthes kunthiana is a shrub found in the shola forests of the Western Ghats. They have a flowering cycle of 12 years, but a sub-species, Strobilanthes neo-asper that blooms in a eight-year cycle has set the hills around Rajamala awash in a carpet of purple blue flowers. The next time these flowers bloom will be in September.  Rajamala is about 8 kms from Munnar, part of the Eravikulam Natural Park.  


Reasons why you should head out to Munnar now
Meesapulimala. Photo: Praveen Elayi

Meesapulimala is 24 kms away from Munnar. It is a trekker's paradise and a favourite haunt of movie makers. And with the reference to this beautiful hill ranges in the movie 'Charlie', people are making a beeline to walk up these hills.  Once known only to the locals, Meesapulimala is now becoming a 'top' destination. You need permission to trek these hills.