Five things to do in Alappuzha for every free-spirited traveller out there


Being the smallest district in the state, Alppuzha doesn't have much to boast of in terms of scenic forests or misty hills. Yet, it stays on top of Kerala's tourism charts, thanks to its enamouring backwaters, beautiful beaches, and unique cultural monuments.

There are a set of things you must try to make most of this destination. Make sure to do these five activities when you visit Alappuzha to have a holiday experience like never before.

Keep your feet off the ground and ride on boats


There is a reason to why Alappuzha is called the 'Venice of the East.' Canals and streams form a major traffic network in the district, making backwater tourism one of its major attractions. It is one place where you can keep your feet off the land and sail through these green veins of Alappuzha on a country boat or houseboat. Along with the backwater tours, you can also try your hands at kayaking and canoeing. A number of shikara boats were also arranged for tourists by the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) and private parties.

Try out Paramotoring and enjoy Alappuzha beach from the skies

Powered paraglider

If you are into adventure tourism, don't miss the chance to have a bird's eye view of the Arabian sea. Fly like a bird and enjoy the sky view by trying the paramotoring (powered paragliding) facilities on the beach, introduced by the DTPC.

Kuttanad's own Chungam shappu

If you are foodie, one thing you cannot afford to miss while visiting Alappuzha is piping hot Kuttanadu prawns curry right from the kitchen of Kaumariamma, Chungam shappu's own cook. Soaked in freshly ground masala, the spicy curry with a rich coconut gravy is the best thing to have with the steaming Kappa puzhukku.The shappu is situated just a stone's throw away from the city's heart, but in a calm and laid back lane. get an autorikshaw from the town head to the shappu when you crave for a spicy lunch.

Pay a visit to America

When you feel like taking a lazy walk across the bright green farmlands of Kuttanadu embracing the fresh breeze, head to America. No, it's no worm hole or warp drive. The American Junction in Amichakiri, Champakulam, Alappuzha has no Fifth Avenue bustling with traffic - but there are KSRTC service boats making their way to the small town known for the toddy shappus in the area, which enjoy quite a fanbase.

Merge with nature at Kakkathuruthu

A view of Kakkathuruthu

When you feel like breaking away from the towns, Kakkathuruthu is the perfect place to head to. Kakkathuruth, a small village tucked away from the hectic modern world, is a place not so easy to reach even for the native people. It is like an unkissed flower, which has not known the invasion of the world outside. When the dusk falls, birds retreat into their nests. Once you have seen the golden rays of the setting sun reflecting on the rippling waters, you will never again ask the question why this alluring little island has found a place on the world tourism map.

Also pay a visit to the Kakkathuruthu shappu when you feel hungry.