Four haunted destinations in Kerala for thrill seekers to explore


Nature has blessed Kerala with beautiful backwaters, the sea, hills and peaks, all of which are covered with greenery. The rain, fine breeze, mist and summers are added attractions of the state, making it a popular tourist destination.

What if some horror accompanies this scenic beauty? That certainly adds to the mysticism of the beautiful state. There are certain spots in Kerala which are known for striking locales but considered haunted.

Chain tree in Lakkidi


Lakkidi, the entry point of Wayanad, is believed to be the abode of the soul of Karinthandan, a tribal youth. The myth related to Karinthandan dates back to the time India was under the British rule. A British engineer, who was searching for a route to Wayanad through the hills, was helped by Karinthandan. The Adivasi youth knew the path uphill through the rough and wooded terrain. For his aid, Karinthandan was rewarded with death as the British engineer wanted to claim full credit for finding the route.

However, Karinthandan's soul did not rest in peace. It began to harass all travellers using the path Karinthandan had discovered. When the trouble created by the soul became unmanageable, a sorcerer was consulted and he 'tied' the soul to a tree with an iron chain.

Local people believe that the chain has been growing along with the tree. But even after so many years, when it is dark and the midnight hour approaches, heart-wrenching sounds, murmurs and sighs could be heard from somewhere. From the dark, the image of a dark, thin man wearing a simple 'mundu' could be felt staring at passersby, according to regular travellers.

All this makes visitors to the spot look with tinge of horror at the tree and iron chain, while remembering Karinthandan.

Haunted bungalow at Bonacaud


The creepy tale of Bonacaud Bungalow begins 68 years ago, when a British man built it. Bonacaud is 55 km from Thiruvananthapuram and the foreigner started a cheerful life at the bungalow with his family. However, their happiness did not last long. The foreigner's 13-year-old daughter was killed under mysterious circumstances at the bungalow. Distressed over the death of their daughter, the British family returned to London.

Everyone who visited the bungalow afterwards sensed the presence of the little girl at night. Soon the building was abandoned. Even now, people living in the neighbourhood claim to hear shrieks from the bungalow.

Some adventurers and rationalists who stayed in the haunted house reportedly fainted on seeing the murdered British girl at night. At present, the residents of Boncaud are labourers in the nearby estates. They too have experienced the presence of the girl. One strange incident involved a local girl who ventured into the bungalow premises to pick up firewood suddenly starting to speak only English.

The boy in Athirappilly forests


Travellers are familiar with the beauty of the Athirappilly waterfalls and the surrounding forests under daylight. It has been depicted in an eye-catching manner in several blockbuster movies too. However, soon after night sets in, the scene changes. A small figure with eyes that shine in the darkness has been seen to scare the wits out of travellers.

Tourists who set up camp in the Athirappilly forest for the night during trekking expeditions have sometimes noticed this figure. It is believed that the figure is the soul of a small boy who died in the forest long ago. He waits with shining eyes in the deep forest, ready to haunt travellers after dark.

Strange sounds at Sabarimala

A large number of pilgrims take the forest path to reach the Swami Ayyappa Temple in Sabarimala. They often have frightening encounters with wild animals. However, in addition, many devotees have heard strange sounds emanating from deep inside the forest. These sounds evoke fear among even the most courageous pilgrims. Surprisingly, no one has been able to identify the source of these noises from the thick woods even after so many years.