Indulge in the grandeur of these underwater hotels

Kwanini, The Man Resort, Pemba Island, Zanzibar | Photo: website

Everybody loves a visit to the seashore for a picturesque getaway. However, what would be the scene below the surface of the sea? To get a first-hand experience, head to some of the unique hotels and restaurants in the world – those located underwater. They offer guests a close look at the marine life and geography while staying there or relishing a meal.

Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida


Located at Key Largo in Florida, this lodge evolved from an underwater laboratory. It was converted into a hotel in 1986 and enjoys the honour of being the world's first undersea hotel. The place is frequented by couples and newly weds. It is a popular spot for proposals and weddings.

Visitors can reach the lodge only by diving 20 ft below the sea surface. Moreover, only people holding a scuba diving certificate are allowed entry. For those who can dive but lack the certificate, a three-hour training is provided before they head to the lodge.

Jules lodge charges 675 US dollars per person for a stay. But for a group of 5-6 persons, the tariff will be only 300 US dollars per head.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives


This amazing place is situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, near Maldives. Apart from stunning sights of the undersea world, the restaurant serves fantastic food. Even though the menu is traditional European, the dishes are prepared with an Asian twist.

A peculiarity of the place is the advice given to customers to wear sun glasses to protect their eyes from the intense sunlight that penetrates the surface of water and reaches the restaurant.


Opened in 2005, the life of the Ithaa restaurant has been designated as 20 years. For lunch, the restaurant charges 195 US Dollars and for dinner it is 320 US Dollars per person.

Underwater suites at Atlantis, Dubai


It is an ultra-luxurious hotel at Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai. Guests can enjoy stunning views of marine plants, creatures, and fish that include even the shark and rays.

The patrons are pampered not only with extremely luxurious amenities but also chefs who are available round the clock. Another attraction of the place is a private beach from where visitors can view stunning sights of the Arabian Sea.

The tariff for a stay at Atlantis starts from 8,200 US Dollars.

Real Poseidon, Gujarat

India's first undersea restaurant, Real Poseidon was opened on February 1, 2016. The attraction of the place is 1.5 lakh-litre aquarium holding around 4,000 species of fish and other marine creatures and a dining hall with 32 seats.

Guests will be served Punjabi, Thai, Chinese and Mexican dishes at the restaurant, which is owned by a businessman named Bharat Bhat. According to Bhat, it was his 12-year-old son who prompted him to launch the venture.

However, as some government sanctions are still to be received, the restaurant is now temporarily closed.

Kwanini, The Man Resort, Pemba Island, Zanzibar


Designed by a man named Michael Genberg, the resort literally floats under the water. Guests are allowed entry only after they leave all their electronic gadgets on the shore. The resort can be reached by snorkelling or diving. The highlight of a stay here is the scene at night, when fish as well as large marine creatures approach the glass windows attracted by the light.

The resort charges 1,500 US Dollars for couples and 800 US Dollars for a single person.