Camping vs glamping: Know the difference

Camping Vs Glamping.

Camping allows one to embrace and celebrate the sanctity of nature to the fullest. Quality time spent in the lap of nature surrounded by your near and dear ones is a great and relaxing way to make memories. Also known as "Traditional Camping", camping is boastful of providing its guests with the best of experiences in the rawest and purest form.

On the other hand, Glamping, a combination of glamorous stays and camping ways, offers its guests with the best of both worlds. This includes luxurious accommodations for comfort in the midst of nature to achieve relaxation and serenity, and of course, a whole lot of memories! Pradeep Singh Choudhary, co-founder, Moonstone Hammock underlines how camping and glamping are different in different aspects.

Accessibility and Effort

Traditional camping can be a big no to those who seek luxury and an exciting yes to all the adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers. Camping basics include spotting a smooth area or a free patch that you can mount your tent on, the patience to set up a bonfire and cook lip-smacking camping delights! These essentials cater to memorable experiences. However, the same might be just too much effort to the ones that crave leisure and luxury.

The same is satisfied through the novel concept of glamping. Amenities such as spacious tents, comfortable beds, fans/air conditioners and mouth-watering food are provided through glamping. To sum it all up, if experiencing the thrill is your ultimate goal, then traditional camping is for you. Whereas glamping is for the ones who wish to cherish and celebrate nature through an exotic stay.

The Fun Quotient

The fun quotient is enlivened by most camping organizations through a wide range of activities that visitors can enjoy during their time here. This includes not just camping and glamping, but also water tents. Various kinds of water tents like ground tents, floating tents, etc. are provided. Other activities, which might vary, are Kayaking, Movie Screening, Barbecue, Live Music, Games, Innovative Workshops, etc. These activities are a perfect remedy to a monotonous life.

Camping Vs Glamping.


Traditional camping is governed by the rusticity of nature. The amenities provided are minimal and one can truly disconnect from the worldly pleasures of life for a while and spend some quality time with nature.

In glamping, luxurious amenities, including everything right from a phone charger to a fan and a cozy bed is provided. All the visitors have to do is indulge in solitude and cherish the euphonious melodies of nature to the fullest.


Parameters such as location and facilities are taken into consideration. Goes without saying that glamping is expensive as compared to camping. But the cherry on the cake is that one of a kind experiences come along.

As a result, make a decision between camping and glamping completely depends upon the visitor/guest's mood. While both have advantages and disadvantages of their own, the fact that they also provide unique experiences cannot be denied.