Win mega prize at world travel fest organised by Santamonica

Win a mega prize at the world travel fest organized by Santa Monica

Undying passion for travelling is what inspires many to pack their bags and set off to their dream destinations. There are many who love to spend their lives just travelling, seeking new sights, cultures, languages and cuisines. So here is a golden opportunity for travel enthusiasts who long to see the world. Santamonica Holidays, in association with Malayala Manorama, is conducting a world travel fest which is set to inspire and motivate those who are passionate about travelling. It is usually the hefty amount of money that is required for a journey, which discourages people from planning a trip. However, at the world travel fest, you can easily plan trips outside the country and even to different parts of India without burning a hole in your pocket. Here you can even choose from some amazing plans, packages and budgets as well.

Get, set, go

Budget packages which enables you to take off to more than 50 countries including the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Antarctica, South Africa, Mauritius, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Bali, Philippines, Bhutan and Nepal, individually or as part of a group, are the most amazing attractions of the world travel fest. You can choose from packages starting from Rs 19,000 to Rs 6 lakh.

There are special packages for those who are looking for some hardcore adventure. Adventure packages which include the Kruger National Park, Cape Town, Table Mountain and Cango caves in South Africa are sure to excite you. If you are interested to marvel at the wonders of the world like the leaning tower of Pisa, Eiffel tower in Paris and the Colosseum, or get delighted by the extremely beautiful nature at the Scandinavian countries, the colourful tulip gardens of Europe, the black forest and the mesmerizing Alps, you could opt for appropriate packages. Packages which cover the historical cities of Rome, Florence and Paris will inspire you to seek more. You can also avail attractive packages to islands like Bali and Mauritius which are the perfect places where beautiful nature meets unique culture, at the world travel fest.


Pilgrimage packages to the various pilgrim and religiously significant places around the world is another interesting feature of the world travel fest. The mount Nebo at Jordan, the 14 holy stations of the way of the cross, the tomb of Jesus, Calvary, the garden of Gethsemane, the place where Jesus resurrected, Mary's Well where Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mother Mary, the workshop of St. Joseph, the wedding house of Cana, Mount Tabor, the place where Jesus gave the sermon on the mount, the site where the miracle of the bread happened, the sea of Galilee, River Jordan and the Dead Sea are some of the prominent sites which are part of the Holy Land package.

You can also choose from the various European pilgrimage packages which include Rome, Vatican City, Sistine Chapel, Padua, Assisi, religious centers in Switzerland and France, the famous Notre Dame cathedral, the historically significant church at Lourdes, the tomb of St. Theresa at Avila and Fatima in Portugal.

Lucky winner

The world travel fest will be conducted on 18th January at the Hotel Casino in Thrissur, followed by Hotel Paramount Tower on 19th January. In Kochi, the widely anticipated travel fest would be conducted on 20th January at Hotel Grand. It will be held on 26th January at Hotel Residency Tower at Thiruvananthapuram and at Hotel Arcadia, Kottayam on 27th January.

A fully paid world tour awaits a lucky winner who spot book a package by paying Rs 5000 at one of the venues of the world travel fest. The winner would be chosen in a lucky draw from among those who does spot booking.

Those who book an American tour package would win a trip to the Grand Canyon on an offer. Free passport services, visa services for premium tours and travel kits would be offered to those who spot book at the venues. The packages also offer impeccable services of Keralite tour leaders all throughout the trips. For more information and registration contact: +91 9061305999, +91 9188040289.