Looking for affordable foreign education? Latvia might be the solution!

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Information Technology (IT)

Latvia has a rising demand for software developers, IT specialists, and programmers, due to the rapid emergence of tech startups in the country.

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Manufacturing and Engineering

Skilled workers and engineers have a huge demand in Latvia, in the wake of its export-oriented manufacturing sector.

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Tourism and Hospitality

Latvia's rich cultural heritage, historical sites, natural beauty, and events attract tourists, creating a steady demand for hospitality services.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences

Latvia, like many developed countries, has an ageing population, leading to increased demand for healthcare services, including medical professionals and support staff.

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Finance and Banking

Latvia's position in the European Union makes it a gateway for cross-border financial transactions, creating a steady requirement for finance and banking professionals.

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Image Credit: Photo: shutterstock/ Savanevich Viktar