Malayalee From India review

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The film feels like a messy amalgamation of comedy, patriotism, and feel-good moments that fail to blend cohesively. While the initial parts show glimpses of Nivin Pauly's past performances, reminiscent of 'Oru Vadakkan Selfie,' the humour doesn't quite hit the mark. Although there are comedic moments between Nivin and Dhyan, they aren't sufficient to drive the story forward.

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The film is undeniably Nivin Pauly's one-man show, as he remains energetic throughout, striving to engage the audience. However, Dhyan and Anaswara Rajan, have limited impact in the movie. Despite the buzz surrounding the 'Krishna' song, the dynamic between Anaswara and Nivin's characters remains unexplored in the film.

Image Credit: Instagram/Nivin Pauly

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