Amazing health benefits of halim seeds

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Halim aka aliv seeds, also known as garden cress seeds are known as 'ashaali' in Ayurveda.

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It was traditionally prescribed for post-partum recovery of women to improve their immunity, skin, lactation, and thyroid levels

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Health experts also prescribe it for youngsters on the cusp of puberty with skin breakouts, women experiencing menopause, those experiencing hair thinning issues, and more.

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Being loaded with iron and multiple vitamins, it's also good for those recovering from COVID

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Aliv works best when paired with fats, so the right way it eat it is by making laddoos with it, mixed with ghee, coconut, milk, and more.

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You can also soak a pinch of aliv in water overnight, add it to your glass of milk, and have it at night.

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Make sure that you don't consume too much of it at a time, as it can be tough on the stomach if you are not used to it. Information courtesy: Facebook/@rujutadiwekar

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Harshal Ashok Salve

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