Mango magic: Did you know the fruit can help us lose weight?

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Though we can't say no to their aromatic, juicy goodness, mangoes have a bad reputation for being 'calorie dense' compared to other fruits. However, many experts say they can still be part of a balanced diet and weight loss plans. Here's how:

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Mix with protein and fibrous foods

Enjoying mango slices with nuts, cottage cheese, greek yoghurt or as part of salads, smoothies and oatmeal can both enhance satiety and ensure healthy blood sugar levels.

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Include in workout meals

Mangoes are perfect as a pre or post-workout snack. You can spread peanut butter on the slices and eat them before your workout to stay energetic through the regime. Post workout, sprinkle some nuts or granola on mango chunks and pair it with cottage cheese for a good meal.

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Pick mangoes with fewer calories

Mangoes aren't too high in calories. But if you want to further lower your calorie intake, pick Alphonso, Kesar, Badami or Dasheri mangoes, which are even fewer in calories.

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Pick whole mangoes

Pick fresh, whole mangoes instead of canned and dried ones, as the former has fewer sugars and more fibre. At the same time, have them in moderation to enjoy their nutritional benefits.

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