Monsoon-proof your health with these easy tips

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Staying healthy during Kerala's monsoon season requires taking precautions to prevent monsoon-related illnesses. Here are some simple steps to keep fit in the wet weather.

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Indoor fitness challenges

Staying active is important during the monsoons too. Indulge in indoor challenges like dance-offs, plank or yoga challenges to give your body the daily activity dose.

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Hydrate hydrate hydrate

It's tough to drink enough water when it's cold outside, but monitor your water intake this season. Sip boiled water from time to time, to avoid dehydration and waterborne diseases

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Healthy monsoon eats

Comforting soups, nourishing local monsoon snacks, spicy curries and DIY immunity shots whipped up using ginger, lemon and honey can keep you at your fittest this season too.

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Embrace monsoon with accessories

Strong umbrellas, rain jackets, waterproof shoes and backpacks must be part of your monsoon gear, as they will make you look stylish yet keep you healthy.

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Boost mental health

Curate a rainy day playlist, set the mood and take your regular dose of relaxation, making the most of this season. You can also create a rainy-day reading list to enjoy the chilly days with a mug of coffee.

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