Astro-tourism in India: How to have fun with stars?

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India’s first-ever ‘Astro-tourism’ campaign was recently launched in Uttarakhand.

Image Credit: iStock/anatoliy_gleb

The campaign, named ‘Nakshatra Sabha,’ will start in June 2024.

Image Credit: iStock/anatoliy_gleb

Astro-tourists will get to experience stargazing, astrophotography, special solar observations and more.

Image Credit: iStock/ClaudioVentrella

These activities will be held in various locations of Uttarakhand.

Image Credit: iStock/Wirestock

The locations are those with zero light pollution, which make it easy to experience the dark sky.

Image Credit: iStock

Those interested can book the experience on the website

Image Credit: iStock/Rastan

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