Peruvari Island Nest is the ideal place for your next getaway to Parambikulam

Peruvari Island Nest is the ideal place for your next getaway to Parambikulam

Any journey to the wild should provide the traveller with the opportunity to know the forest from close proximity. Such journeys will become very attractive if there are facilities to stay safely in the wild. Peruvari Island Bamboo Nest provides such a wonderful opportunity.

The beautiful island Peruvari is situated in the heart of the jungle at Parambikulam in Palakkad district. Cottages exuding the charm of the lush greenery around are arranged here. Although constructed of timber, the pillars are of concrete. These cottages, having all the amenities and spacious enough to accommodate up to four people, form the chief attraction of the place.

Though the nature is bountiful here, the facilities currently available for travelling etc are inadequate. The island can be reached only on rafts. It takes about half an hour of rowing. It can take forty minutes or more if it is windy.

The raft-wharf itself can be reached on vehicles. The visitors have to reach here by 10:30am. If booking is done in advance, the visitors can tour Parambikkulam in the morning hours and reach the raft-wharf by afternoon. The cottage is provided for accommodating four people. If the group has five members, additional charges are applicable.

Peruvari Island Nest is the ideal place for your next getaway to Parambikulam

Plenty of wildlife can be encountered on the way from Parambikkulam to the Peruvari Nest. Deer, peafowls, Nilgriri Langurs, wild boars etc may be sighted. Parambikkulam is a place where the largest number of wild animals are encountered in Kerala. The Peruvari Bamboo Nest is located near the Peruvari Pallam Dam.

From the island, the view of the dam and of other small islands around could be had. The area is full of bamboo shrubs. Elephants, sambar and spotted deer, peafowls, wild boars etc. along with some migratory birds are normally sighted. Some of the trees around the 'Nest' are more than 100 years old. Though bamboo is the most common among the flora, Rosewood trees, Malabar Plum trees etc. are also there in the region. Mayflower trees rich in the bright red flowers are also seen here. In the month of May these trees are beautifully decorated with these bright red flowers. There are about 300 species of trees here some of which are rare in the relatively urban areas. Sunrise and sunset views from the island are simply mind-blowing. The setting sun spreads a rush of colours across the sky.

Peruvari Island Nest is the ideal place for your next getaway to Parambikulam

Besides the close view of the wild, the thing attracting the visitors is the local cuisine. All the required arrangements for cooking is available here. Self-cooking can also be arranged. Alternatively, the guards here can cook excellent food. Food can also be outsourced if so desired. Majority of the guards here are tribal people. The traditional flavours of the tribal people can be tried by allowing the guards to cook. The food, whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian, is cooked by the tribal people on hearths with firewood. So, the dishes could be tastier. For those who love fish, arrangements can be made through the guards to get a fresh catch from the dam catchment area. Fishes such as Tilapia, Braal, local varieties of snake-head murrels etc. are the fishes teeming these waters. Fishes are a lot cheaper here.

How to reach Peruvari Island Bamboo Nest

From Ernakulam the route to be taken is via Vadakkanchery, Nenmara, Kollengode and Kambrath Chella. From there, turn right towards the Chemmanampathy forest check-post and thence proceed to Settumadai via Vettekkaran Puthur. From there, the Anamala Tiger Reserve can be reached. From there when coming towards the Tamil Nadu side of the Parambikkulam check-post, the Kerala check-post can be sighted. Anappadi, where the information centre is located is just beyond this point. This is the first reporting point.

Peruvari Island Nest is the ideal place for your next getaway to Parambikulam

There is another roadway to Parambikkulam. This route is mostly through the forest area. From Chalakkudi in Thrissur District, the route is via Athirappilly-Vazhachal-Malakkappara-Palppara-Anamala road-Vettekkaran Puthur-Settumadai and Parambikkulam.

To know more, contact Forest Department Information Centre, Parambikkulam 9442201690.

You can book the tour package in advance through the website