The Kerala connection of Lee Falk’s Phantom


If someone tells you Lee Falk’s pulp comic hero Phantom, the ghost who walks, has a Kerala connection, would you believe it? If no, pay a visit to Wayanad sometime soon to see Phantom Rock.

A natural formation, reminding Falk’s masked man at the very first glance, Phantom Rock can be seen right from the start of Meenangadi 54-Ambalavayal road. It's some 300 meters from the main road to the rock.

The Kerala connection of Lee Falk’s Phantom
A sunrise in Wayanad. Photo: Getty Images

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Standing near the rock, one can enjoy the splendour of Wayanad in all its glory. The winding roads offer many views of the rock, from different angles. The rock resembles the shape of Phantom skull from a particular angle. The sights enroute to the rock should not be missed because the Phantom features become less clear when you approach the same.

The Kerala connection of Lee Falk’s Phantom
A view from Wayanad. Photo: Rahul R Pattom

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The rock formations and deep gorges can be seen as one climbs up the rock, which rises steeply from the top of a hill towards the sky -- a huge creation of nature that looks as if it was placed there by an artisan.

If you climb atop the rock, you can see Kolagapara, Ambukuthimala, Cheengeripara, etc., in the distance. A few ancient caves, which were once inhabited by sages, stand here as remnants of an ancient civilization.

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Apparently, Phantom Rock was known as Rajapara long ago. Perhaps the name came from the shape of the rock, which reminds one of a king sitting on a throne. In any case, Rajapara is king among rocks.