5 tips to stay safe on your next journey

5 tips to stay safe on  your next journey

Travelling can be exciting and one might be overwhelmed with a thrilling adventure fast. But it is crucial to consider your safety as a priority as you enjoy. Recent accident that took place at Vagamon Adventure Park in Kerala and the fatal mishap of 'bikini hiker' Gigi Wu in Taiwan remind your safety should come first while having an adrenaline rush on an outing.

Follow these tips to make your trip memorable for the right reasons.

1. Never ignore instructions or sign boards when you travel. For example, one shouldn't get on a hanging bridge if it is too crowded than the permissible level. Taking a risk is good but not at the cost of one's own or anyone else's life.

2. Travellers are obsessed with selfies these days and the number of accidents while taking them is on the rise. Do not try to impress by taking a selfie in a risky manner and always trust your best judgement when to take selfies. Do not lean out too far.

3. Always remember not to flash your wealth. Showing off that you have money will only land you in trouble. Carry less cash while you travel so that you can, at least, avoid pickpockets.

4. Make sure you update your family or friends even if it is a small trip or a long journey. It is better to inform at least one person about your itinerary to keep tabs on your whereabouts in case of emergency.

5. Be aware of your surroundings. Before clicking and posting a picture on your social media account, make sure your belongings are safe and your location is not revealed. And do not trust anyone blindly. There is no problem being doubtful about strangers as your priority is own safety.

No matter how much you are alert there are chances that you may still get into trouble. But it is important that you keep these tips in mind so that you can avoid unnecessary troubles.

A final tip from Onmanorama: trust your instincts. You can sense danger as you see and hear things while you travel and better trust your gut feeling.