Palchuram waterfalls: a less explored wonder of nature

Palchuram presents the picture of a coy maiden, as it cascades fascinatingly, from deep inside the green blanket the evergreen forests have knitted for her.

At the Boys Town, around 12 km from Mananthavady, the road to Palchuram winds down along the risky ghat road adjoining the dense tea plantations. Breathing in the scent of nature and feasting your eyes on the dazzling tea plants as rays of the sun descend on them, you walk on watching every step as the gorge below can be dangerous.

Around half a kilometer forward is Palchuram, where the waters gush down the hillocks amidst a fascinating setting. The last 250 meters you walk to reach the falls is a path through the dense forest.

Once you plan your trip, make sure you have permission to venture into the woods. The sun’s rays don’t touch down even during the day as the dense forest cover poses a hurdle. Bisons and elephants roam the jungle, and could be dangerous. The mud path that leads you into the woods halts where an old bridge begins. On the right hand side of the bridge is a small walkway that climbs a hillock in front.

The path is ridden with a variety of trees and herbs. Creepers fill the path and you need to take extra care if you don’t want to trip and fall. The road ends at the foot of the waterfall. The white frothy cascade falls into a small pond, where you would be tempted to jump in and swim.

Palchuram waterfalls: a less explored wonder of nature

The forest and the Palchuram water body are extensions of Western Ghats. The waterfalls is near Kottiyoor Siva Temple, a famous seasonal pilgrim center. Dense forest, cold, foggy climate and diverse sounds of rustling insects add to the excitement. This serene landscape located in Kannur district is marked by the wilderness of Kottiyoor forest reserve.

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Rocks of Palchuram falls suits trekking and rock climbing. A tributary of river Bavali, the stream begins from Chekuthan thodu, Wayanad, and embraces its parent river after covering the whole of Western Ghats. Thus, opening boundless opportunities for tourism development, Palchuram falls smiles at the travelers, inviting more people to discover its subtle beauty.

If you haven’t yet ventured out into this heavenly abode nestled in the lap of nature, where the sound of water and the birds engulf everything else, you need to do it soon. Seek permission and take in the beauty of the fascinating woods by frolicking in the waterfall.


District: Kannur

How to reach :

» Head east on SP Office Rd

» Follow Kannur - Mattannur - Coorg Rd to Punnad

» Take Kakkayangad - Kayapanichi - Punnad Rd to Iritty - Nedumpoil Rd in Muzhakkunnu

» Drive from Malabar Hill Hwy to Kottiyoor

» Destination is on the right hand side


Nearest railway station: Thalassery, 60 km

Frequent bus route : Kannur to Thalassery

(With inputs from K.M. Harish)