‘Cheap and best’ is Vinay Forrt’s Fashion mantra

Who’ll wear a pair of red jeans with sky-blue floral shirt, heavy-framed cat-eye goggles and a pair of blue sneakers without hesitation in Malayalam cinema? The answer is Vinay Forrt.

‘Cheap and best’ is Vinay Forrt’s mantra in fashion
A well-maintained physique is also very important for Vinay Forrt in fashion.

This Fort Kochi man always loves his funky costumes, be it on a casual visit to the movie hall or a star-studded award night. Forrt is a big fan of eyeglasses and has a range of odd-colored shoes as well. He can be even seen at a public function donning a hat or a headgear or in a subtle ‘fedora-formals’ style.

Yes, Vinay Forrt has a distinct philosophy behind his unusual sartorial tastes. ‘Cheap and best’ is his policy in fashion. The flashy black matte round-dialed 'Adidas' wrist watch, that he matches with almost all his costumes, costs just Rs 500!

The star says that accessorizing does not always need brand tags. “That is the advantage of being a film person. Your costumes, accessories and ornaments always get attached to a high value. I take advantage of that aspect and make use of all the cheap-and-best products available in Fort Kochi,” says the actor.

Vinay Forrt loves mostly to get draped in a pair of linen shorts and a light-shaded cotton shirt on casual occasions. “Slippers are my comfy footwear. I seldom wear shoes but when I do, I make sure that they stand out,” he says.

The ‘Ladoo’ actor is more conscious about his limitations than his pluses. “I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't make great things happen. So I make sure that everything I do, big or small, has an identity of its own,” he says and adds that he hates to repeat his costumes.

A well-maintained physique is also very important for Vinay Forrt. Every crazy couture combo makes sense, but only on a well-built body, he says.

He also reveals that his love of 'designer' spectacles is to avert too much attention of others to his mismatching costumes.