Follow these tips to keep your clothes dry during monsoon

Saving clothes from mold and decay is a huge task in monsoon season.

Moisture lingering on clothes and fabrics during the rainy season may lead to mold formation on it. Besides, wearing half-dried clothes in an extremely cold weather can make you sick. People usually keep camphor or naphthalene balls in their wardrobes along with the clothes to save it from mold and decay. Here are some other ways to keep your clothes fresh and clean during the monsoon.

1) Iron the clothes before arranging it in wardrobes. It would make the clothes warm and dry as well.

2) Keep a pouch of silica gel inside folded clothes as it prevents mold formation on the fabrics.

3) Lighting a small bulb inside the wardrobe or drying it using a hair dryer are effective methods to keep the cupboards warm and dry.

4) The color of the silica gel changes as it absorbs moisture. Microwave the silica gel for two minutes and re use the colorless gel.