Note these as you prep for travel

Note these as you prep for travel

Travelling is fun. It is life for those who make it work. The morning glories and shady noon, warm evenings and star gazing, the winds, it is truly a splendid experience. Also the staying up, because you are caught up in the glories of the night, is also exciting. You learn, live and laugh. The endless smile! There is nothing more important than a happy heart this summer.

Here are some things to keep in mind while travelling during summer.

Know your destination

Note these as you prep for travel

It is summer and you plan to chill out. Before you proceed, learn about the summer spots you wish to go. Check out the awesome destinations, its weather and temperature, you plan to visit. Have a fair idea about the route as local weather.

Travel light

Note these as you prep for travel

Travelling is easier when your baggage is not heavy, and that too under the sun. Pack what you think is required and not “wanted”.

Keep yourself hydrated

Note these as you prep for travel

It is important to make sure that you drink water. This is may seem like nothing, but it is important to stay hydrated. The body needs water to deal with the heat and especially because you are on the move. Water cools your body. So carry a bottle with you, drink and refill. Freeze the water if possible, so it will remain cold for a certain period of time.


Note these as you prep for travel

Eat proper meals. Pack some snacks as well, something to munch on, when you are hungry as you move. Being “hungry” does not help. Do not skip meals and tire your body out.

Pack and use the essentials

Note these as you prep for travel

Sunscreen is much needed as you travel under the sun. It is important to apply and reapply it, to prevent from getting sunburns. Do not forget to reapply sunscreen. Keep some tissues, wet wipes and hand sanitizer with you. It comes in handy. Pack a small medical kit too.


It is great having a plan because you know you are always on track. However, be prepared for the off-track events as well.

Safe and happy travel!