Here is what's special about Stannard Rock Lighthouse

stannard lighthouse

Stannard Rock Lighthouse in the United States is considered one of the loneliest places on earth. Located on an underwater reef in Lake Superior, it is also one of the 10 engineering marvels in the country. The nearest land from the lighthouse is Keweenaw Peninsula, which is 39 km away.

The location for the lighthouse was identified by Captain Charles C Stannard in 1835 and after the facility became functional, it was a stag place, earning the name 'loneliest spot.'

The lighthouse was later automated in 1962 and still guides the vessels of the United States Coast Guard passing through the area.

Entry is banned for the public to the lighthouse but it can be viewed from a boat or aircraft. Boat services are available to take visitors to near the lighthouse. In 1971, Stannard Rock found a place in the list of national heritage monuments of the United States.

Built on a rock which is part of an underwater mountain, the lighthouse warns boats and ships of the danger. Reefs here extend to around 40 km and in the past posed a threat to travellers on Lake Superior. Initially, it was felt that building a lighthouse at this desolate spot was a big challenge.

However, the authorities decided to go ahead with the plan as water transport through the area was witnessing a steady increase.

A temporary lighthouse came up on a rock having a diameter of 20 feet in 1868 as the authorities wanted to check whether the structure would withstand the typhoons in the area. Later, a full-fledged lighthouse having a height of 78 feet was built. It has a kitchen, sleeping quarters, lens rooms, library and reading room and watch rooms.

At present, apart from ensuring the safety of passing ships, the lighthouse functions as a testing station for the water of Lake Superior.