Coming soon, tyres with colour!

Coming soon, tyres with colour!

Kottayam: You don't have to wait for long for tyres that have the same colour as your car or those that need to be filled air once in a year.

Dr Sabu Thomas, MG University pro-vice chancellor and leading nanoscience researcher, is behind these findings. His findings, which have been honoured with the TRiLA Academician' award of the World Tyre and Rubber Institute, are sure to bring about big changes in the industry.

The experiment was done under the MG University's nanoscience and nanotechnology division.

Improvements to the inner lines of the tyres will increase their life and provide better performance, said Dr Thomas.

The new inner line has been made by mixing normal rubber, artificial rubber and clarified clay. The clay particles in the inner line prevent air from escaping the tyre. By reducing weight, friction and wear, the tyres life and vehicle’s mileage and travel comfort would increase. Punctures will reduce. The same technology can be used to make tyres for aeroplanes. "The experiments became fruitful after six long years," said Dr Sabu Thomas.

The tyres look black because carbon black is added to them. When nano fillers components are added, tyres get colours. Such tyres can be commercially produced within a few years, Dr Thomas said.

We don't have to wait long for eco-friendly 'green tyres' that do not use carbon black at all, he said.

He has applied for Indian patent for the new technology. Later, MG University will apply for international patent too.

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