Coming soon, puncture-proof, airless tyres

Coming soon, puncture-proof, airless tyres

The intimate relation between the tyre and air started when the tyre got upgraded from wood to rubber. They shared an inseparable friendship. Several years and decades have gone by, but they are birds of a feather! Because of that, if there is a sudden loss of air pressure, the tyre gets a puncture and you get stuck on the road.

Now, tyre manufacturer Michelin is trying to split the two - it is going to make airless tyres.

Coming soon, puncture-proof, airless tyres

They are going by a simple logic - a puncture happens only if there is air in the tyre. So, remove the air and the tyre becomes puncture-free. The recently released Uptis prototype is seen as a major step towards realizing this concept.

A piercing nail or a sharp stone won't have any impact on this tyre. Michelin has teamed with General Motors to produce the Unique Puncture-proof Tire System (Uptis). They are targeting a 2024 production goal for airless tyres.

Michelin claims that the Uptis tyres are much more durable and provide better ride comfort. Besides, it also gets rid of the wastage of time and money due to punctures. It provides better grip for braking and protection for alloys.