Shahabaz Aman's soothing 'Paadi njaan'

Shahabaz Aman's soothing 'Paadi njaan'

'Paadi njaan moolakkamaale...' (I hummed a song...) song from the upcoming Malayalam movie 'Thamaasha' directed by Ashraf Hamza was released on YouTube on Wednesday. Lend an ear to it and it will keep buzzing in the head, making one smile absent-mindedly, like Vinay Forrt's teacher character in the album -- all thanks to the simplicity of lyrics, composing, frames and acting.

Muhsin Parari has penned the lyrics along the lines of a Mappila paatu (Muslim song), thus giving Shahabaz Aman, who is the composer and singer of the song, a free pass to his favourite melodic plane. However, once on the journey with them, one might feel to shut out some of the backing music, which clearly is a distraction in the otherwise extremely serene track.

Vinay Forrt and Divya Prabha would draw you into their world with their natural and easy portrayal their characters, especially the former. A part of the credit should go to Ashraf and Sameer for making the album as simple and sweet as the song.

Vinay is once again in the role of a teacher trying to impress his colleague as in the Malayalam blockbuster 'Premam'. The 3 min 17 second song would tell one that, this time, Vinay's teacher clearly knows what cards to play to win the girl's heart – some home-cooked food.

'Paadi njaan moolakkamaale...' also acts as a trailer to the movie by leaving one with an urge to see it to find out more about these teachers' love story. But all one can do now is to wait for the movie to hit theatres, till then keep humming the song.

The movie is bankrolled by Sameer Thahir, Shyju Khalid, Lijo Jose Pellissery, and Chemban Vinod Jose, under the banner of Happy Hours entertainment. Sameer Thahir is the cinematographer for the movie and seems like the song was a birthday gift to cinematographer Sameer Thahir, who turned 42 on Wednesday.