Kerala govt to make its baby food tastier, healthier

Amrutham Nutrimix is a mix of wheat, soya, sugar, peanuts and split Bengal gram.

The Amrutham Nutrimix, a dietary supplement distributed by the Kerala government for children below the age of three years, would be made tastier as well as more nutritive. Young children would now never say no to Amrutham Nutrimix, which is given away though Anganawadis in the state.

Funds are being sanctioned for research to increase the taste of Amrutham Nutrimix as part of the ‘Sampushta Keralam’ project under the Central government’s ‘Poshan Abhiyaan.’ The work in this regard is being carried out by National Institute of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM). The budget for the research is Rs 13.76 lakh.

The Nutrimix was developed by the Centre for Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI), Kasaragod. It is a mix of wheat, soya, sugar, peanuts and split Bengal gram. As much as 1,300 metric tonnes of the Nutrimix, a powder comprising these ingredients, are distributed through around 33,000 Anganawadis in Kerala.

Three years ago, the taste of the Amrutham mix underwent a slight change after it was decided to replace ordinary sugar with the sugar extracted from coconut.

According to the Social Justice Department, the new research would focus not only on adding nutritive value to Amrutham Nutrimix but also extend its expiry date.