Can high stress cause the growth of cancer cells?


From pollution and smoking cigarettes to heredity and life style, there are many reasons and factors that may cause cancer. However, many recent studies about the relationship between cancer and stress reveals that high stress could be a major reason for cancer. It has earlier been found out that stress causes many diseases including heart ailments. Now, it is said that high stress may cause cancer as well.

High stress could affect the immunity power of the human body and increases the chances of diseases. The presence of the stress hormones causes the proliferation of the cancer cells. It has been found out that a stress hormone called the norepinephrine makes the cancer cells grow rapidly.

Many people resort to alcohol consumption and smoking to relieve stress. Smoking is a major cause of cancers in lungs, esophagus, throat and mouth. High stress could also lead to obesity.

If you think you have high stress, then you could look for relaxing techniques that could relieve you from stress. Listening to music, relaxing massages and dancing are some of the techniques that could help you relax. Do not hesitate to consult an expert for counseling sessions if you feel none of these are working.