Rima Kallingal's 'Game of Thrones' tour at Royal Alcazar

Rima Kallingal's 'Game of Thrones' tour at Royal Alcazar

Actress Rima Kallingal has shared pictures of her visit to Royal Alcazar palace in Spain, earning numerous likes. The palace is familiar to fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ as it was presented as Dorne, the capital of the Sunspear Empire under the Martell dynasty. Several movies too have been filmed here as the beautiful water gardens and Moorish-style palace are a feast to the eyes.

In a video shared along with the photos, Rima says she enjoyed every moment of the trip. Royal Alcazar is among the oldest palaces still occupied by the royalty in Europe. In fact, members of the Spanish royal family live in the upper storeys of the palace, which has also found a place in UNESCO’s world heritage homes list.

The architecture of Royal Alcazar is basically Mudejar, or Moorish. Al-Mubarak, the first structure of the palace, was built by Al Mohed, an Arabic empire in the twelfth century. Later, in the year 1364, the palace was rebuilt and took the present shape on the orders of king Pedro I. A series of expansions and reconstructions have taken place ever since.

The special attractions of the palace include the decorative art on the floor and walls; intricate Azulejos ceramic tiles; rose gardens; orange trees and gardens with stunning fountains.

Visitors can also enjoy sights such as Ambassador's Hall which was the throne room of the original Moorish palace. It has intricate art work in golden colour. Then there is the Mercury's Pond with a fountain in the shape of the Buddha. Other architectural marvels at Royal Alcazar are Italian Grotto Gallery built with lava rock and Baths of Lady Maria De Padilla constructed in honour of Maria, king Pedro's lover.

The films picturised on Royal Alcazar and Seville where it is located include 'Kingdom of Heaven', 'Lawrence of Arabia' and 'Star Wars: Attack of the Clones'.