Monsoon is round the corner, prepare your car for the rains

Monsoon is round the corner, prepare your car for the rains

Monsoon rain is expected by the first week of June in Kerala. Like students who get ready for school, cars too need to be prepared for the rainy season. Imagine the car getting stuck in the middle of the road; it won't be an easy task looking for a workshop during a downpour. Besides, our efficiency behind the wheels is restricted during rain by poor visibility and bad roads.

Keep it clean and dry

First and foremost, you need to keep your car clean. Do not think that rain will wash away dirt from your car. Clean the under bonnet and boot areas to clear water drains. Use white paste to clear headlamp glass; rub the paste on to the glass clockwise and wipe it off with a cotton cloth after some time. If possible, get the vehicle on a car lift and clean the underbody too. This will help remove oil, dirt and other debris accumulated on the brake pad. Ensure that brake fluid level is at a satisfactory level; otherwise braking won't be effective during rain.

Check the wiper blades. If they are worn out, they won't be able to wipe the windshield clean during rain and hamper your visibility. Replace the wiper blades if they are worn out. Remember to top up wiper fluid.

Since windows will have to be shut fully during rains, you will need to switch on AC all the time. If you do not switch on AC, your windshields and windows will get fogged up. So, clean you AC filters before monsoon. Check the condition of battery. Protect the battery from moisture by applying a coat of petroleum jelly on its terminals.

Eye on tyres

Tyres overwork in wet conditions. Before the onset of monsoon, check the tyres for wear. If they are worn out, replace them. Else it would invite trouble during the rainy season. Besides, tyres lose air pressure faster; so, check air pressure frequently, including the spare tyre. You can also consider getting wheel balancing, rotation and alignment done before monsoon which will help improve safety.

Surface protection

Rain water is slightly acidic and hence can harm the paint. To protect the paint, you can consider getting a wax coat which could act as a shield. Never use a car cover on your car if you intend to park the car outside. Though it could offer protection, the cover along with dust and dirt tends to stick to the car's body due to moisture. When the car dries, the cover can stick and cause irreversible damage to the paint. Rains could also lead to rusting of the underbody; get an underbody coating done to avoid this.

Keep inside dry

During monsoon, the interior could get stinky due to moisture, mud and dirt. Use cloth mats instead of plastic or rubber. Alternatively, you can lay newspaper on the floor; it will soak up moisture fast. Only disadvantage of newspapers is that you will need to change them frequently. If it rains only slightly, drive with windows open; this could help avoid fungal growth that is common during monsoon. Besides, remember to keep a torch, newspapers and a piece of cloth always to avoid any hassles during the rainy season.