Find the right seating position to drive like a pro

Find the right seating position to drive like a pro

Correct seating position is very important while driving. It helps you maintain maximum visibility while helping you carry out manoeuvres more efficiently. Wrong driving position, in addition to making you feel physically uncomfortable, can negatively affect your health, particularly during long drives.

So, now, get into the car and adjust the seat.

There are some people who push the seat all the way forward so much so that the steering is close to their chest. In case of an accident, such a driving position can kill the person behind the wheels. An airbag deploys at 250-300 kmph and could hit the face of the person sitting close to the steering wheel in full force. It goes without saying that such a driving position invites danger.

A person first adjusts the distance from the seat to the pedals when he or she takes the driving seat. Your legs should be in a slanting position of 90-120 degrees. Press the clutch or brake pedal fully. The distance while pressed down should allow for your knee to remain slightly bent (maximum 140 degrees). You shouldn't be bending forward to press the clutch. When not using the ABC pedals, the legs should be in 90-120 degrees. For those who drive for long, such a position will help ward off chances of getting knee pain.

Secondly, set the steering. Sit straight with your back completely against the seat. When you keep your hands on top of the steering, your palms should be able to fold forward. This is the correct seating position.

Now, adjust the headrest. When adjusting for height, the bulk of the headrest should stand directly at ear-level. So, once you find the right position for your head and maintain optimum distance from the steering wheel, you can set the mirrors. The headrest angle should be around 100-110 degrees, based on your comfort level. In a collision this prevents or mitigates whiplash or injury to the cervical vertebrae.

There are people who keep the headrest upright and bend forward while driving. If you adopt such a driving position, you could end up having back pain. If your car has seat height adjustment, use it. Some cars also have the facility to adjust the height of seatbelts. Set them according to their guidelines and your comfort.