Dhamaka movie review: A fun movie with a message


Director Omar Lulu’s movies are fun rides which are nothing short of grand celebrations. His latest film Dhamaka too is no different and is all about the celebration of the youth. However, Dhamaka also draws attention to a very serious social issue.

If Oru Adaar Love was a simple story of school romance, Dhamaka deals with the life of the youngsters after their education. Arun Kumar, who made his debut as a child star in Mohanlal starrer Olympian Anthony Adam, plays the lead role in Dhamaka. Dharmajan sports a unique and stylish look in this film. Meanwhile, leading lady Nikki Galrani impresses with her gorgeous looks and acting style.

The film gets into the ‘family’ mode when a carefree youngster, who is jobless despite earning a BTech degree, marries a very rich woman who was previously married. The events that happen in their life are portrayed with ample doses of humor.


Arun, who essays a fully fledged lead role for the first time, does an excellent job. Dharmajan leads the humor department with his impeccable timing and body language. Veteran stars Mukesh and Urvashi play an interesting couple. Innocent as the uncle and Harish Kanaran as the doctor shine in their roles. Shalin Zoya too does a fine job. Meanwhile, Sabumon, who appears as the villain, impresses with his amazing performance.

Though the fun filled movie has lots of humor scenes and dialogues that would entertain the audience, Dhamaka deals with a serious topic. Many youngsters go through the pressures of unrealistic expectations in married life and land up in serious trouble, opting for unscientific treatment regimes. They are not guided with proper instructions or advices and all these may create problems in their family life. This movie criticizes the fake treatment regimens that exploit the helplessness of young couples. This topic is further enhanced through the character played by Salimkumar.


Gopi Sundar’s music does justice to the celebratory mood of the movie. It is a colorful treat that would attract the young audience to the theaters. Dhamaka is produced by MK Nassar for the banner of Good Line Productions. Though the movie, with its colorful celebrations, incredible music and humor, are likely to draw the youngsters, its portrayal of a serious social issue may even impress all kinds of audiences. 

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