Why hot food stored in refrigerator is not always safe

Certain other precautions also need to be taken while storing food in the fridge.

Refrigerator has become an inseparable part of our lives. It is the most convenient appliance that comes in handy for working professionals to store vegetables and cooked food and thereby save time and prevent wastage.

Usually, food prepared once are consumed for days by preserving them in the refrigerator. However, few realize how unsafe this tendency is. In fact, having fresh dishes is ideal. Change in lifestyles has made it impossible to taste fresh dishes every time. That makes fridge an unavoidable appliance at home.

Even though food remains unspoilt in fridge for a long time, 100% safety cannot be ensured. Factors like temperature control in the refrigerator, power supply, the method of usage of the appliance and the arrangement of food items in the fridge all affect food safety. As a result, keeping eatables - particularly meat items - in the fridge for several days is not advisable.

Certain other precautions also need to be taken while storing food in the fridge. When a hot dish is taken in a container and placed inside the refrigerator, the food in the area near the vessel would cool down fast. But the interior part of the food would remain warm for a longer time. This would enable the growth of microorganisms.

Moreover, when a hot dish is kept inside the fridge, the temperature inside would increase. This may cause damage to other eatables already inside the refrigerator. Before storing a cooked food item in the fridge, it is better to transfer the hot dish to smaller vessels after cooling it to room temperature. Also, all these vessels should remain closed.