Ice cream rolls lure foodies to this dessert shop in Kochi


'Kummattikka Juice,' a shop opposite Shenoy's on MG Road in Kochi, sells a unique delicacy that is attracting customers. It is named 'chocolate ice-cream roll.'

Though the name suggests that it is an ice-cream, the item is in fact a fusion of chocolate pastry, fresh cream, and white chocolate sauce.

Watching the preparation of the roll is also an interesting sight. Generous amounts of fresh cream and white chocolate syrup are spread over chocolate pastry and folded with a spatula. This process is done on a board over which a thin ice sheet has been kept.

The next step is to roll the pastry-cream mixture into an even square shape. Then, using a thin steel spatula, the mixture is carefully scraped out. At that time, the pastry mixture turns into a roll and it presents a curious sight. Five to six rolls can be prepared with a single pastry. Over the roll, chocolate syrup and sugar balls of various colours are spread before serving it to the customer.

As chocolate ice-cream roll is neither freezing cold nor contains tangy essences, and customers take their own sweet time to relish it.