• Almond-rice crispy breakfast bars

    Here is a healthy recipe that can be prepared easily and is perfect for breakfast on the go. But do not store this in...

    Almond-rice crispy breakfast bars
  • Mini blueberry cheesecake

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with this simple dessert loaded with the goodness of blueberries. It is easy to make but...

    Mini blueberry cheesecake
  • American chop suey with instant noodles

    Here is a recipe to give the good old instant noodles a fresh and exotic twist by adding spices, cheese and more....

    American chop suey with instant noodles
  • Mango-ginger lemonade

    Infused with the goodness of ginger, this summer drink is a must-try in the mango season.

    Mango-ginger lemonade
  • Moon milk to relax your mind and body

    The body enters into internal healing mode when it is relaxed and asleep at night. The nutritious ingredients in the...

    Moon milk to relax your mind and body
  • Onion tea

    It may sound unusual to brew onion tea but the beverage has too many health benefits to ignore. Known for its...

    Onion tea
  • Virgin sangria

    Sangria is traditionally made with wine, but, here we have an innovative version that is a combination of juices. It...

    Virgin sangria
  • Walnut mango lassi bowl

    While we love it best plain and sliced, and in smoothies and traditional chutneys, the flavourful fruit can add that...

    Walnut mango lassi bowl
  • Rose popsicle

    The classic traditional cooling agent is our go-to treat to beat the heat. It is simple to make and with the addition...

    Rose popsicle
  • Baked mango yogurt

    Make use of the mango season by experimenting with unique dessert recipes. Here is one you can whip up without any...

    Baked mango yogurt
  • Sweet and salt twist to plantain stem juice

    This sweet and salt twist to the plantain stem juice with cucumber and pomegranate is the start for this summer.

    Sweet and salt twist to plantain stem juice
  • Jal jeera

    Jal jeera is a popular traditional Indian beverage bursting with strong flavours. Serve chilled to bring down soaring...

    Jal jeera
  • Granola yogurt parfait

    In these trying times, a portion of a heavenly dessert is all we are looking for to keep our stress at bay.

    Granola yogurt parfait
  • Immunity-boosting onion tea

    The flavonoids in onions can produce antioxidants in the blood which in turn improve the immunity power of the body....

    Immunity-boosting onion tea
  • Cheesy Italian noodles

    A bowl of noodles is not only a comfort food, but one can make it healthier by adding veggies, eggs. Follow the...

    Cheesy Italian noodles
  • Nutrient-loaded chicken krapow

    This one-bowl meal recipe will take care of your nutrition needs and tastebuds during this period of quarantine.

    Nutrient-loaded chicken krapow
  • Healthy fudge brownies

    Finding it difficult to fight dessert cravings during the lockdown? We have you covered with this simple recipe of...

    Healthy fudge brownies
  • Raw mango milkshake

    Raw mango milkshake is delicious, refreshing and is packed with iron as well. Check out this simple recipe of raw...

    Raw mango milkshake
  • Shrimp and avocado salad

    Toss together these healthy ingredients for a filling meal during the lockdown.

    Shrimp and avocado salad
  • Broccoli and almond soup

    Broccoli belongs to a family of vegetables called cruciferous vegetables. A cup of cooked broccoli offers as much...

    Broccoli and almond soup
  • Fresh fruit parfait

    Who said healthy is boring? Make this delicious parfait that has the goodness of fresh fruits, for your kids, this...

    Fresh fruit parfait
  • Peanut sauce

    Test your culinary skills with this healthy and easy home recipe of peanut sauce that works at a dip for snacks.

    Peanut sauce
  • Master the viral food trend Dalgona coffee

    You would have spotted it on Instagram and other social media platforms lately. It sure looks fancy but the recipe is...

    Master the viral food trend Dalgona coffee
  • Overnight oats

    Give oats a twist by trying to soak them overnight. Here is a basic recipe you can try but you may try variations as...

    Overnight oats
  • Vitamin C-infused immunity-boosting drink

    Celebrity chef Suresh Pillai has shared an easy recipe for a vitamin C-infused drink that will keep you refreshed and...

    Vitamin C-infused immunity-boosting drink
  • Try this unique Chinese dish with leftover puttu

    This is a delicious and wholesome dish that can be easily prepared using leftover puttu from breakfast.

    Try this unique Chinese dish with leftover puttu
  • Cucumber-apple juice to shed weight

    This extremely nutritious juice has fewer calories and helps you shed weight when consumed regularly. Check out how...

    Cucumber-apple juice to shed weight
  • Chickpeas salad

    Chickpeas are loaded with essential nutrients and are light on the stomach as well.

    Chickpeas salad
  • Cucumber-avocado cold soup

    This cucumber-avocado cold soup is not just refreshing but can help you shed some weight as well. Check out the...

    Cucumber-avocado cold soup
  • Try this low calorie carrot-pumpkin soup

    Carrot-pumpkin soup is incredibly delicious and is packed with essential nutrients.

    Try this low calorie carrot-pumpkin soup
  • Healthy drink to boost immunity

    Here is how you could easily make this unique potion that boosts immunity.

    Healthy drink to boost immunity
  • Instant homemade khoya

    But this recipe will help you make khoya easily at home with just 3 ingredients.

    Instant homemade khoya
  • Idli manchurian

    Check out how to prepare this unique idli Manchurian which is delicious and easy to make as well.

    Idli manchurian
  • Chicken fingers

    Make this filling and addictively delicious snack for your kids.

    Chicken fingers
  • Fried ice cream

    Fried ice cream or gooey and soft ice cream inside a crunchy coating has become a rage among the dessert lovers....

    Fried ice cream
  • Oats cutlets

    Healthy oats and vegetable cutlets for kids that are pan-fried.

    Oats cutlets
  • Madeira cake

    This simple sponge cake is known for its zesty flavour. You can try this recipe at home and experiment with replacing...

    Madeira cake
  • Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

    Try this cookie recipe with your kids or partner and enjoy the delicious end product.

    Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
  • Yam cake

    Adding tuber to your cake recipe is not somethng you do everyday. But once you try this one out, you will keep going...

    Yam cake
  • Yam shake

    This may sound like a weird recipe but tastes really good when had fresh.

    Yam shake
  • Barley soup to ease heartburn

    Here is how you could easily prepare barley soup.

    Barley soup to ease heartburn
  • Lose belly fat with this special lemon juice

    You can have this in the morning, on an empty stomach, at least 20 minutes before breakfast. Here is how to very...

    Lose belly fat with this special lemon juice
  • Tricolour vegetable pulao

    Vegetable pulao is a wholesome rice dish that is extremely fragrant from the spices and has the goodness of fresh...

    Tricolour vegetable pulao
  • Macaroni payasam

    If you are bored of tasting the same old payasam prepared with the usual ingredients, here is a unique dessert made...

    Macaroni payasam
  • Tricolour sandwich

    Try out the very easy recipe of tricolour sandwich on Republic Day.

    Tricolour sandwich
  • Noodles cutlet

    You can either deep fry the cutlets in hot oil or cook on a tawa with very little oil. Check out this easy recipe of...

    Noodles cutlet