Nisha hopes the authorities to see her unfortunate plight

Nisha hopes the authorities to see her unfortunate plight

Kannur: Nine years ago, Nisha’s life took an unfortunate turn of events, when she was admitted to a private hospital, for the surgical removal of a growth in her uterus. The day she was discharged from the hospital, Nisha’s husband K Raju went out saying that he would return with the money to pay the bills. However, Raju did not return. After waiting in the hospital for a week, Nisha was granted a discharge by the kind hearted doctors. She took her children and returned to the rented house in Ottathengu. It was only then that she realized that her husband had fled with the entire household things, valuable documents, certificates and even the ration card.

Nisha cannot hold her tears back as she talks about the disappearance of her husband, leaving her helpless, with her two kids. Today, Nisha, along with the two children lives in a small rented house at Puzhati, Edacherry.

Though she filed a complaint with the Valapattanam police station along with Raju’s photograph, no action has been taken so far. Leaders of various political parties assured her assistance, but they forget to return to the family as they leave the premises. Since she is physically unwell to do any vigorous jobs, the family survives on the meagre income that Nisha earns by working as a casual labourer.

Nisha suffers extreme fatigue and nausea while working under the blazing summer sun. Besides this, she also suffers from a condition where her bones wear away. She often ignores her swollen limbs as she works hard to feed her children. Since she does not have a ration card, the family is unable to avail its facilities.

The future is very bleak for Nisha and her children, Amuda and Adarsh. Her hard work and struggles goes into making both ends meet. This mother and her two children hope that the authorities would see their plight and do the needful.

Nisha hopes for a miracles that would help her keep the roof over her head and help her with the children's education. Nisha wants to know the whereabouts of her husband and dreams of a home that will be safe for her family.