Top five recipes for this pongal

Pongal festival is around the corner and it is the time when people make traditional delicacies to celebrate with joy. Its the same time when Makar Sankranti is celebrated in the northern parts of India while Pongal in the south. Crops like rice and sugarcane are harvested during this time of the year. Pongal also happens to be the name of a dish prepared during the festival.

Sakkarai pongal

Sakkarai pongal or sweet pongal is a thick rice pudding of raw rice, some lentils, sweetened with jaggery. It's big on Thai Pongal day, the Tamil harvest festival, and is relished by one and all. Read the recipe here

Tamarind rice/Puliyogare

A superstar of a dish from southern India, the Puliogare has roots in Kannada and Tamil (Puliodarai). Essentially, it is tamarind rice, flavoured with mixed spices and groundnuts, which is very popular in the southern states and relished mostly in the afternoons. Read the recipe here

Semiya payasam

A 'hot' favourite among the more simple versions of the payasam, the vermicelli or semiya payasam is a sure winner during special occasions. Read the recipe here

Rava laddu

The rava laddu is much sought after, especially when festivities are on and it's no less delightful than the boondi laddu, for there is the additional benefit of coconut! Read the recipe here


Murukku is a crunchy snack that has its origins in Tamil Nadu. In Tamil, the word 'murukku' means to twist and break. It adds the perfect crunch to your evening tea. Read the recipe here