Know the myriad health benefits of fibre-rich snake gourd

Snake gourd has the ability to remove toxic substances from the body. Photo: Shutterstock

Fibre-rich snake gourd has innumerable nutritional and medicinal properties and can keep many diseases at bay. Making it part of the regular diet would be highly beneficial to the health.

Snake gourd can control glucose level in the blood and keep diabetic condition under control.

The vegetable is a remedy for many stomach ailments and inflammation. It is helpful in removing toxic contents and is a wonderful solution for skin diseases. It is said to be good moisturiser and is said to prevent dehydration.

Snake gourd juice helps in keeping away fever if consumed at the onset of the illness. The juice is also good for relief from uneasiness due to the disease.


Snake gourd is rich in Vitamins A, B and C, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Iodine, Iron and the presence of antibiotic qualities in the vegetable is considered to boost immunity.

The juice applied to the scalp can remove dandruff. The juice can clean blood vessels and improve circulation. It is good for the heart as well.

Snake gourd can remove toxic substances from the body.

As the vegetable is good for the bones, its regular intake can ward off several bone diseases. The medicinal property in snake gourd is also said to be helpful in fighting arthritis.

The juice of the vegetable is said to be one of the best solutions for constipation, as it has plenty of fibre. The juice also provides great relief to stress and pain.