Kerala heats up further as summer rain proves elusive

Summer rain scarce, hot gets hotter in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: There seems to be no respite from rising heat in Kerala. Though Thrissur received heavy rain on Thursday, weather conditions are not suitable yet for widespread summer rains. There is a 61% drop in summer rains this year.

The weather department has warned of 3 degree rise in average temperature in all districts except Wayanad. Winds of 45km/hr blowing south from Tamil Nadu shores could make seas turbulent in Kerala, Lakshadweep and Karnataka.

Burning heat

Average temperatures in March-April are not higher compared to last years. But heat is unbearable. Cases of sunburn and deaths from sunrise are rising. Vapour created by heat should rise to make clouds and rain for the heat to come down. However, winds currently are not strong enough to make this happen.

When vapour is thus trapped and humidity levels rise above 70, even 35 degree Celsius feels like 50. Most places in Kerala have humidity above 80 and some above 90. Ultraviolet rays too contribute to heat. Some place in Kerala register a UV index of 15, when anything above 11 is very dangerous.

Delay in summer rains?

Summer rains will get stronger in a fortnight, compensating for the 61% deficiency in April itself, say weather experts. Favourable conditions for rain do not exist now. Kasaragod, Kannur, Palakkad and Thiruvananthapuram have registered the least amount of summer rain.

Will monsoon be hit?

Though private weather agency Skymet has predicted a deficient monsoon for India this year, Kerala might not be affected. Karnataka might have a weak monsoon. However, only the prediction from weather department will be considered official. Normally a weather report is published in the third week of April.