Those opposing CAA should not jump the gun: Kerala Governor

Those opposing CAA should not jump the gun: Kerala Governor
Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan

Kochi: Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan on Sunday urged those opposing the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) "not to jump the gun" and let the things settle down.

He said this in response to a question from reporters here on the statement by Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan that the CAA will not be implemented in the state.

He expressed the hope that elected governments would fulfil their constitutional duties

The Governor said he was certain that if there was an issue, in a democratic society, elected governments-- both at the Centre and state -- would rise to the occasion and fulfil their Constitutional duties.

"I don't know what he has said. I don't like to comment on that. In our Constitution this has been very clearly specified....

These are the subjects where the central government will have the exclusive jurisdiction and these are the subjects where the state government will have the exclusive jurisdiction....

Sometimes there may be misunderstandings. We should not jump the gun. Let things settle down," the Governor said.

He said in a democracy, even if there are some misgivings about something, the state government, under the Constitution, can take its time to consider the issues and then come to a decision.

Pinarayi Vijayan had lashed out at the BJP-led government and said the "unconstitutional Bill" will have no place in Kerala and the state would not implement it.

Justifying the the central government's decision to enact the law, the Governor said life of the people belonging to the smaller denominations "in the neighbouring country" has become difficult.

"From 17 per cent, they came down to 1.3 per cent. Now this is a human tragedy, human problem. How to do it? I am not saying that everything is honky dory. But this is a problem, which is there before you. How to deal with it?" , said.

He said the controversies created for political reasons would soon settle down.

"Nobody should have any fear that any Indian will be subjected to any harassment or any difficulties. Nobody should have that fear. These controversies which are created for political reasons, they last a few days", Khan said.

His statement comes as Kerala's ruling CPI(M)-led LDF and Congress-led UDF decided to hold a joint protest against the CAA on Monday at the state capital.

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