Chicken korma


Korma is of two types – Shahi and Mughalai. This korma recipe is a simpler version of both these types. Give this a try for a change from regular curries.


600 gms chicken
1/2 cup curd ( not sour)
3 fried onions
1 tomato chopped 
2 tbsp minced ginger and garlic 
2 tsp Kashmiri chilli powder 
½ tsp turmeric powder 
2 tsp coriander powder 
½ tsp cumin powder 
¼ tsp dry ginger powder 
½ tsp garam masala 
A hand full of coriander leaves 
1 black cardamoms 
3 green cardamom 
3-4 cloves 
2 cinnamon sticks 
3 bay leaves 
¼ tsp black cumin 
¼ tsp cumin 
¼ tsp pepper powder 
Khevda water 1 tsp


Fry the sliced onion till golden brown 
Keep little of it in the pan and put aside the rest 
Add minced ginger and garlic in the pan and sauté. To it add chopped tomatoes and cook 
Put all the powdered spices and sauté well. To this add chicken pieces and fry both sides. 
When it turns light brown pour curd and cook it for 5 minutes on low flame 
Blend the fried onions using your hand and add it into the pan and cook it for another 1/2 an hour on medium flame.
Stir in between 
Season it with some coriander leaves, Garam masala and Khevda water.