Aamir Khan enjoys traditional rice and fish in Kerala

Aamir Khan enjoys traditional rice and fish in Kerala

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is currently in Kerala to film some portions of his latest movie 'Lal Singh Chadha'. A video of the actor, jogging on the streets of Changanassery, while returning to Kollam from the location in Munnar, has already become viral on the social media. Aamir spent the night, on 16th, at the Raviz Hotel in Kollam.

The Bollywood star would film a few scenes at the Kappil beach near Jatayu before proceeding to Kanyakumari. “He is following a strict diet for this movie. Though he is following a vegetarian diet right now, he has shown interest to try some of the authentic fish preparations of Kerala. Special dishes are being prepared at the Raviz, as we have to send his food to the location. He has asked for the chemballi fish or the red snapper that is available here. The fish curry is specially prepared in coconut milk. The actor is allergic to seafood. We had prepared red snapper and pearl spot for dinner last night. But, Amir didn’t try the pearl spot as the fish is full of bones. The flesh of the red snapper is grilled and prepared as curry in coconut milk. This would be accompanied by the classic matta rice,” Raviz executive chef Suresh Pillai reveals the actor’s food preferences.

Aamir is undergoing strict diet to stay in shape for the role in 'Lal Singh Chadha'. He would eat 50 grams of rice with paneer and cauliflower dishes in the same quantities. The dinner at Raviz too was prepared as per his dietary requirements. This morning, Aamir had a light breakfast with some bread and eggs. Aamir Khan, who doesn’t like eating too spicy or tangy food, prefers vegetables and paneer the most.

The actor makes sure that he works out regularly besides following the strict diet. As he couldn’t hit the gym while shooting, Amir had asked to stop the car on his way back and ran for 10 kilometres to catch up some exercise.