A beautiful house in Cheruthuruthy hailed as tribute to friendship

The stylish structure exudes an elegance that goes together with the tastefully designed landscape.

Noushad, who is a civil engineer, is absolutely elated and proud to show around his brand new house at Cheruthuruthy, Thrissur. He says friendship is the foundation of this beautiful house as it amazingly reflects the warmth and love of an amazing camaraderie. The plan of the house was drawn by Noushad and the credit for designing its interiors goes to his close friend. The house exudes an elegance that goes together with the tastefully designed landscape. Noushad has literally given life to this house as his dreams and aspirations have inspired the plan of it.

Meanwhile, his friend and interior designer BP Saleem has honored their beautiful friendship by coming up with the most extraordinary designs and features.


Both the exteriors and the interiors feature the classy charm of the contemporary architecture style. The family wanted the house to have a peaceful and serene environment which emanates positive vibes. The construction was completed quite rapidly as the owner had clear idea about the plan and the design of the house.

The elevation has been designed, projecting the scintillating beauty of the straight lines. Pleasant shades like dark grey and wooden brown dons the elevation where claddings and groves set the perfect contrast. Meanwhile, the interiors are designed following the theme of minimalism. Lighter shades of hues are used on the walls, furniture and decor as well, making the spaces look vast and spacious. Though the interiors are in the open style, glass doors are installed to ensure enough privacy.


The positions of the living and the dining areas, bedrooms and the stairway are all designed to receive maximum natural light. This makes the interior spaces look vast and incredibly attractive as well. The living area is the liveliest spot in the house and the windows installed on a lower height effortlessly let in the sun shine which beautifully illuminates this space. This area, designed in double height, is highlighted on the elevation with horizontal lines made of GI pipes.


The stairway begins from the common area and you could enjoy the beautiful view of the interiors as you climb up the stairs. A home theater and a prayer area are arranged on the first landing. The steps are made in wood and the wall beside the stairway is highlighted using a pleasant shade of orange. The stunning chandelier which looks like it blooms out of the roof is an eye catching piece of decor.


The house currently has two bedrooms and there is enough room to build new ones when required. The bedrooms are elegant and comfortable and stand out for its unique decor and furnishing. The wardrobes and the cots are made using marine plywood and laminated mica.

The kitchen has all the modern facilities. Besides the working kitchen, there is a storage space as well. The pantry area which opens to the dining space also acts as a breakfast counter.


Classy furniture, attractive ceiling and pleasant lighting play vital roles in making the interiors look mesmerizing. A combination of grey, white and wooden brown shades of hues dominates the interior spaces. Vitrified tiles in grey colour are paved on the floor. The neutral shades of colours, minimal furnishing and decor and smart designing are some of the features that reflect the preferences and interests of the new generation. The brilliant play of natural light, the interior spaces which allow interacting with the lush greenery outside and the beautiful tale of the beautiful friendship are the factors which make this impeccable house, a perfect home.

Project Facts

Location – Cheruthuruthy, Thrissur

Plot – 5 cents

Area – 1600 SFT

Owner – Noushad

Designer – BP Saleem, Bees Pees Designs, Cheruthuruthy

Ph – 9847155166, 806667667

Cost – Rs 40 lakh

Year of completion - 2019