A Kozhikode house that is nature-friendly and modern at the same time

Though the house looks like single storied from the outside, it actually is double storied.

Vinoop and Divya’s dream home that draws instant attention for its unique designs is at the beautiful countryside of Kannadikkal in Kozhikode district in Kerala. This house has been designed by overcoming the challenges posed by the 17 cents plot that lies in multiple levels. There are two traditional ancestral homes on both sides of this house. So the family wanted the exteriors to feature traditional designs that complemented the ancestral homes, while the interiors have all the modern facilities.


Though the house looks like single storied from the outside, it actually is double storied. The spaces are arranged in three sections that spread on two levels of the plot. The walls are made in laterite stones and truss roofing is installed. The roofing tiles that are paved on the roof add the perfect traditional look to the exteriors. An additional layer of terracotta roofing is done below the truss roofing to reduce the heat inside the house.


The sit-out exudes grace and elegance of traditional architecture. Besides the sit-out, the kitchen and the formal living are part of the first section. Meanwhile, the dining and the family living rooms are part of the spacious hall that is arranged in the second section. The stairway and the four bedrooms are in the third section of this beautiful house designed in 2500 sq ft area.


The spaces inside are arranged in the open style. Irritating bright colours have been avoided nor have any luxurious decor been arranged in the house. Old furniture is polished and reused which helped in reducing the expenses significantly. Besides, these glorious pieces of furniture add an old world charm to the spaces.


An entire wall in the formal living area is lined with metal windows which brings lots of natural sunshine and breeze into the house. The guests often find this feature heart warming and beautiful as they can enjoy the scintillating sights of nature outside, in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.


Instead of tiles or granite, natural stones are paved on the floor in the house. Besides being extremely comfortable to walk on, it makes the interiors cool as well.


The spacious hall is the highlight of the interiors. Rows of windows are installed on the walls here on both sides to make it well lit and cool. The open kitchen is just beside the dining area. An adjacent work area completes the kitchen space.


The two bedrooms in the lower floor are concrete plastered. The upper storey is actually arranged as a mezzanine floor by designing the roof in double height.

All the bedrooms have bay windows that open to the beautiful nature outside. Sitting spaces too are arranged as part of these windows. The bath attached bedrooms have built-in wardrobes for storage.


The boundary wall, on the side, is built as an extension of the exterior walls to contour off the courtyard. Natural stones and shiny – round pebbles are paved here. Beautiful plants and shrubs add greenery, offering a spectacular sight as well. One could enjoy the stunning beauty of this courtyard from anywhere in the house.

There is a glass wall in the formal living area which not only illuminates the spaces with natural light but also allows the pleasant sights of the courtyard. Besides, the upper storey balcony too opens to this space of charm and tranquillity. This space has become the liveliest spot in the house where the family members love to gather.


This mesmerizing house is aptly named Haritham as it is closely connected to the beautiful nature and environment. The elegant spaces exude positive vibes that inspire the family members and the guests as well.

Project Facts

Location – Kannadikkal, Kozhikode

Area – 2500 SFT

Owners – Vinoop Kumar and Divya

Designers – Vipin Prabhu and Sruthi

VSP Architects, Kozhikode


Mob – 94462 64448