Fruits that improve immunity during monsoon


Monsoon is the time when many infectious diseases run rampant. Indigestion and allergies are some of most common diseases reported during the rainy season. Special care should be given while planning the monsoon diet as it should include food items which help improve immunity and fight diseases.

Fruits rich in vitamins should be consumed during the monsoon as they can effectively prevent diseases. It is better to avoid street food or fast food when it rains. These oily foods can hamper the digestive process and cause discomfort or indigestion. Try to include lots of fruits in your monsoon diet. Here is a list of fruits, known for their nutritional value that can be useful during monsoons.


Rich in vitamin C, peaches are great for improving immunity power. The low calories and high fibre in it helps reduce body weight as well. Besides, it protects the skin from the damp atmosphere during monsoon.


Lychee, too, contains vitamin C and helps improve immunity. Consuming lychee saves our body from infectious diseases.


Abundantly available during the monsoon season, plums are amazing remedy against fever and cold. It contains lots of fibre as well. Plums help control the blood sugar levels.


Pomegranates are highly nutritious and consuming them during the rainy season helps increase the immunity.


Cherries are mostly used in baked goods. These delicious fruits are rich in potassium and anti oxidants and can be eaten by diabetic patients as well. Cherries are easily available in the monsoon and can effectively fight diseases. The anti oxidants in cherries stimulate the brain activities.


Pears contain lots of vitamins and other essential nutrients which help fight diseases.

Papaya which has lots of vitamin C, bananas rich in vitamins and minerals and apples too could be included in your monsoon diet to keep away diseases and stay healthy.