Phovu: When rice flakes take a dip in thick jaggery lava


Thin rice-flakes hand-mixed with grated tender coconut and dipped in molten jaggery. Aren't you drooling already? Yes, that's how the sight of Phovu leaves you like. Konganis make this delicious, extra-sweet dessert on Navratri and offer it to goddess durga. Phovu, also known as Panchagadai has an incredible aroma which make you smack your lips.


125 gm rice flakes
250 gm black cane jaggery
1/2 coconut grated
1/2 cup coconut water
1 tsp crushed cardamom
1 tbsp ghee
25 gm white sesame seeds
25 gm chana dal
25 gm moong dal


Heat ghee in a pan 
Add chana dal and moong dal and fry till they turn golden
Add sesame seeds and mix well
Heat another pan and melt the jaggery in some water 
Filter the syrup when it reaches two-thread consistency
Mix the rice flakes and grated coconut well in a dish using your hand
Add crushed cardamom
Add molten jaggery and mix again
Add the fried moong dal and chana dal
Sprinkle sugar on top
Serve hot in a bowl after rich the Navratri feast