Easy grape jam in 10 minutes

homemade grape jam

Most kids love to eat bread by smearing it with dollops of tasty jam. However, store-bought jams are usually loaded with preservatives and other harmful chemicals. Here is a simple recipe of home-made grape jam which can be prepared in just 10 minutes. Fresh honey is used in it instead of sugar.

A substance called pectin is required to turn the jam into a gel-like consistency. Fruits like apple and papaya contain pectin naturally. So a small piece of apple is used in this recipe. Instead of artificial preservative, lemon juice is used.


¼ piece apple (cut into small pieces)
400 gm black grapes (seedless)
12 cup honey
Juice of a lemon


Add the apple pieces into blender
Blend them into a fine paste and keep aside in a pan
Cut 4-5 grapes in half and save for later
Blend the rest of the grapes in to a paste without adding water
Pour this mixture into the same pan as the apple paste
Put the pan over the heat and stir well for 5 minutes
Into it add the honey and cook on medium flame
When the mixture begins to thicken up, add the lemon juice
Add the grapes which are cut in half into it
Crush these grapes a bit using a spatula and the jam begins to thicken up
In order to check whether the jam has reached the right consistency, put a spoonful of jam into a plate and tilt it. If the jam doesn't flow, it has cooked well and has the right consistency
Turn off the flame and allow it cool down
Transfer the jam into a sterilized glass jar
Close the lid of the jar only after the jam has completely cooled down
This jam can be refrigerated and used up to 6 months.