Seasonal Fruit Salad

Seasonal Fruit Salad

The teens are always smart, which makes it even more important to take smart food.

They need a balanced diet which provides enough carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, not to leave out iron to prevent anaemia and lots of calcium for healthy bones. For this, it is important that they take a lot of fruits, ideally season wise.

You can make food at home attractive and colourful, and prevent your teen from consuming junk food. Start being a ‘smart mom’ with this edition of recipes created by Dr. Leena Nair, Diet Consultant and Nutritionist of KIM Hospital.

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Seasonal Fruit Salad

An assortment of the finest fruits you can think of tossed with coconut, sugar, a pinch of salt and spiced up with chilli; enjoy your fruits the spicy way.


1 ripe mango, cut to small pieces
125gm seedless green grapes
125gm seedless black grapes
125gm apples, peeled and sliced
125gm strawberry, chopped
2tbsp coconut, scraped and dabbed dry
2 tbsp sugar, powdered
A pinch of Kashmir chilli powder
A pinch of salt


Combine the fruits and keep aside.
Now combine the coconut, sugar, Kashmir chilli powder and salt.
Mix the fruits with the spices, cool and serve.